SOBA Comfort Pen Grip for Gen 1&2 Apple Pencil

SOBA Comfort Pen Grip for Gen 1&2 Apple Pencil


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The SOBA pen grip is a comfort grip for Apple Pencil 1st and 2nd Generation.

The new 2nd Gen Apple Pencil can only be charged and paired by magnetically snapping to the iPad Pro. This makes all other grips obsolete! My solution is the channel which allows the pencil to be charged even with the grip still on it! The channel is wide enough to be compatible with the Apple iPad Pro smart cover. (Should you use a different brand of cover, the #sobagrip can be EASILY removed for charging. Easy on, Easy off!)

The 2nd Gen Apple Pencil has a double tap feature to quickly switch between brushes. The scoop in the front end of the #sobagrip allows for this function.

- 25mm (1") wide pen grip
- Only 22 grams

Made from firm rubber, the grip is very comfortable for long drawing sessions. The #sobagrip is 100% made in Michigan, USA!

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