Glove+ Lite Blue Nitrile Gloves 100pcs

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Glove Plus Lite are the perfect medium weight nitrile gloves with superb chemical barrier properties and precision grip, they are the ideal everyday glove.

Manufactured in a dedicated Nitrile factory, this product is 100% Natural Rubber Latex free and is ideal for glove users who have been identified as having allergic reactions to NR Latex proteins (Type 1 reactions).

Product Information:
- Type: Powder free & non-sterile
- Material: Nitrile
- Quality Standards: EN455 Parts 1 & 2 and EU PPE Class III
- Further Certification: ISO 16604b:2003 Viral Test Passed, EN420 Dexterity Test Passed Level 5. ASTM D6978-05 Permeation of Chemotherapy Drugs Passed.
- Protein Content: 100% NR Latex free
- Powder Content: Below 2mg/g glove
- Features: Medical Grade & EU PPE Class III Certified, Textured Fingertips, Precision Grip
- Colour: Blue
- Length (minimum): 240mm
- Duration of Use (minutes): 30-120
- Contact with Chemicals: Yes
- Contact with Blood Borne Pathogens: Yes
- For use in medium risk applications

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