Inked Army - Sterile Ink Caps with Foot Rim - 11mm - 20mm

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Alkaen 9,90 / laatikkoa
Ilman alv:tä
Toimituksen paino: 2 000 g


These color caps from The Inked Army have an extra wide base that prevents them from tipping over - They are therefore extra stable!

The caps are also sterile and meet the high hygiene standards mentioned or implied in the German DIN standard EN 17169 or the Austrian BGBL-2003/141. The Inked Army Sterile Ink Caps are the first choice to work safely and aseptically when handling and storing tattoo inks during the session.

The individual packs, each with 5 ink caps, are ideal for traveling and promise 100% hygienic use of the ink caps.

They are made of the popular orange-transparent plastic that our BARREL tips and tubes are made of.

- Ethylene Oxide (EO) sterilized, sterilized in packs of 5 caps
- Sizing: cap diameter w/o base
- Suitable for single use
- Orange transparent plastic
- Extra wide foot for stability
- Available in different sizes

Storage: Protect the carton from moisture and direct sunlight

Box of 11mm contains 500pcs total (100 x 5pcs packs)
Box of 15mm contains 250pcs total (50 x 5pcs packs)
Box of 20mm contains 250pcs total (50 x 5pcs packs)

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