Cheyenne Hawk Pen Unio, Black + PU-III Power Supply


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Bundle including Hawk Pen Unio and PU-III Limited Edition gesture controlled power supply.

The gentle HAWK Spirit for fine filling and soft shading and the strong HAWK Thunder for bold lines and powerful color packing are real classics of the tattoo industry. But what if you want to use both tattoo machines within one tattoo? And what if you'd like to have those machine features in the revolutionary form of the HAWK Pen?

Our answer to this is: HAWK Pen Unio Here the name says it all. You get the essence of our three HAWK machines combined in one pen-shaped
tattoo machine with a continuously adjustable stroke from 2.5 mm (HAWK Spirit) to 4.0 mm (HAWK Thunder).

This is what the HAWK Pen Unio can do:
- Stepless adjustable stroke from 2.5 mm/0.10 inch to 4.0 mm/0.16 inch, perfect for all tattoo styles
- Removable grip fixture for easy cleaning
- Stitch frequency from 60 to 140 Hz
- Steady Mode for constant force and stitch frequency in all tattooing situations
- Compatible with our three Disposable Grips which are hygienic and safely packed
- Stepless adjustable needle depth (0 to 4.0 mm/0 - 0.16 inch)
- Connection via movable jack connection ensures maximum freedom of movement, innovative jack cage provides optimum protection for the plug connection 
- Roll inhibition against unintentional rolling away of the pen
- Easy to cover
- Comes with a robust Cheyenne transport case
- Manufactured according to medical standard (ISO 13485)
- Made in Germany

HAWK PEN UNIO Technical details:
Stroke, adjustable: stepless 2.5 - 4.0mm
Frequency: from 60 to 140 Hz
Needle depth, adjustable: 0 to 4.0 mm
Machine dimensions: 29 x 138cm
Weight: 160 grams
Warranty: 24 months
Package includes: Cheyenne Hawk Pen UNIO, Connection cable (+ adapter to use with non-Cheyenne power supplies), Manual

WARNING: As with other Cheyenne machines you should only use Cheyenne cartridges with the Hawk Pen Unio. The warranty will be voided if your machine gets damaged due to using non-Cheyenne cartridges. Also please remember; never try to lubricare your Cheyenne machine with oil or grease since that will void warranty as well. Please see manual for additional details.

Cheyenne PU-III - The Limited Concept Edition. With the Power Unit III, we developed a control unit concept that, once switched on, can be operated completely without contact. This eliminates cross-contamination and raises tattooing to a new level of hygiene.

PU-III Features:
- Operation by gesture control for contact-free work—
- Output voltage from 4.7 -12.5 V, displayed as bar graph—
- Versatile installation options thanks to powerful magnets and integrated clip-on stand—
- Position sensors ensure correct orientation of the display in any set-up situation—
- 2 USB outputs for charging additional devices—
- Limited to 1111 pieces worldwide—
- Compatible with machines from other manufacturers with adapter (adapter is not included)
- 100-240V Power adapter included with EU plug
- Made in Germany

PU-III Technical details:
- Output voltage from 4.7 -12.5V
- 1 machine port
- Can be used with a pedal in addition to gesture control
- 2 USB outputs
- Manual included
- Warranty: 12 months

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